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Discover how NorthStar HCM delivers unparalleled subject matter expertise, best.

Human Capital Management & Consulting Solutions

Discover how NorthStar HCM delivers unparalleled subject matter expertise, best practices and data insights to optimize your contingent workforce program.

Why NorthStar Human Capital Management?

As the contingent workforce has grown significantly larger, more complex and more deeply intertwined with companywide strategic objectives, it’s become increasingly important to align contingent workforce management with corporate goals. With over 30 years of contingent workforce management leadership in creating best-in-class contingent workforce programs for Global 2000 companies, NorthStar Human Capital Management (HCM) can help. NorthStar HCM has proven expertise in providing leading-edge contingent labor solutions.

Understanding Your Data

Optimizing Your Program

Assessing Your Program

We know how to assess the maturity and effectiveness of contingent workforce programs and where to find the data necessary to understand the current program dynamics.

We understand what the data means in relation to the global workforce and client-specific verticals and how to deliver best-in-class program solutions with tangible business outcomes.

We are your partner to help guide you through market expansion, workforce planning and forecasting, predictive modeling and much more.

NorthStar HCM Solutions

Either through a one-time engagement or as a recurring provider of consulting and analytics solutions, NorthStar HCM can deliver innovative and groundbreaking solutions to optimize a contingent workforce. We provide more than a dozen core offerings, including:

Labor Market Rate Business Intelligence

Cost Savings Engagements

Workforce Analytics & Benchmarking

Assess current program, identify areas to drive material cost savings, and provide guidance on best practices to implement for maximum ROI.

Review of current workforce (FTE and non-employee), including headcount mix and cost breakdown by department, geography, etc.

Optimize job title taxonomy, identify opportunities, and make recommendations on workforce mix, pay bands, sourcing locations and strategies.

Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices

Direct Sourcing Strategies & Deployment

SOW Framework & Process Guidance

Leverage subject matter expertise to design a D&I strategy for the contingent workforce, including measurable key performance indicators

Facilitate education on benefits of direct-sourcing, plus provide guidance and scoring on direct-sourcing strategies and how to deploy.

Benchmarking on project costs/timelines, vendor analysis and recommendations, upstream/downstream SOW process and technology guidance.

MSP Strategy Optimization & Oversight

Workforce Performance Metrics

Workforce Growth Advisory Services

Analysis of costs, competition, talent supply/demand and other considerations required for global, regional, skills and/or program scope expansion.

Review strategy and identify gaps or areas of opportunity for program optimization.

Interactive and customizable business intelligence dashboards to understand and monitor program health.

Additional NorthStar HCM Resources

NorthStar HCM has a wide range of proven solutions and offering to assist you with the optimization of your contingent workforce program.  To learn more about our core solutions, please download the fact sheets below, or schedule a consultation with one of our workforce optimization experts. 

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Analytics, Data and Benchmarking Solutions

NorthStar HCM: Cost-Savings Optimization

Workforce Growth and Expansion

NorthStar HCM Overview Fact Sheet

Let us Guide You in Optimizing Your Contingent Workforce

NorthStar HCM has proven expertise with over 30 years of guiding the world's top brands in successfully optimizing their Contingent Workforce programs and providing leading-edge solutions.  Contact us below to learn about our core offerings, and how we can help guide you.